Vaccination Management System with Health Blogs Portal

Technology Used for the development

This project comes down from the Happy DNA as per their needs. As per the project needs, the developers choose the easiest and cheapest technologies for the project, which are WordPress, PHP, and some custom-made Plugins.

  • As the project uses WordPress this one is a quite optimized development for all the platforms automatically.
  • WordPress will design the Blog section of this project in no time, with all the necessary tools and features to maintain the Blog.
  • Using PHP the developers would be creating the solutions of Logical problems within the project. Also, with the help of PHP, the background Database would be configured for the Management System’s data storage and management.
  • Using the PHP developers can make plugins according to their needs and can easily import and use them through WordPress.

A view from the User-end

  • The application is going to be very easy to use as they employed WordPress for the man architectural development, and WordPress based apps are ease of use for anyone, so good choice of development technologies for all kinds of novice users as well. This project needs very little effort on optimization, so the good user experience is guaranteed and also due to the use of PHP there is a huge scope of developing any sort of needed features in the future.

A view from the Marketing-end

  • As the website is mainly Blog based and also provides a management system for vaccines, so marketing is mainly dependent on the quality of the Blogs and the SEO. A good SEO score and frequent uploads would be pushing the Website automatically on the search engine list.