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From determining target audience to analyzing campaign stats, at Blinklabs We Develop, manage, and implement marketing campaigns brand management, brand identity, support the product, business building, and creating an online presence. We not only create campaigns but focus on target audience research, industry research, including competitor intelligence, and analyze these for the design of hard-hitting campaigns. The draft customized Digital Advertising Strategy to create massively profitable Social Media & Adwords campaigns for businesses. We manage client’s content marketing initiatives on the digital domain with a clear view to drive traffic, engagement, leads, and support key platform launches from time to time. We create custom campaign stats testing plans, Implementing new strategies, and measuring the results to meet ROI expectations.

After we have prepared the winning strategy, the next most important point is ad management. In today’s world of digital marketing vertical- PPC/Adwords/Social Media Paid Campaigns- ads are targeted only towards users who are interested in a particular service or product, and the usage habits of a user are tracked to understand the likes and dislikes, which can enable you to target advertisements. We cater ad management that includes keyword research/bid management/ad set optimization, landing page, and site link, etc along with analyzing result stats.  When there are millions of users on different websites, it is impossible to track every single user individually, however, our advanced set of data analytics tools can come in handy to understand the likes and dislikes of users and map them with the services they will possibly use or purchase.

publishing and advertising with blinklabs

Our team hold an in-depth understanding of digital platforms, digital creative & content formats and take care of:

  • Developing and managing campaigns to build brand awareness and positioning.
  • Conceptualization & development of digital creative requirements for workstreams like Search, Display, Social, Email, Video, Mobile advertising, etc.
  • Measurement and optimization of the content marketing initiatives such as Graphics, videos, infographics, text, and marketing branding material.
  • Ad Copy-Writing and Testing,  Bid Optimization.
  • Landing Page concept, designing, and optimization.
  • Collaborating with the Sales and Marketing Teams to Drive Unified Consumer Experience.
  • A/B testing of page designs to maximize conversions.
  • Pushing SEM Strategies beyond industry Best Practices.

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