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The Software Development Life Cycle or SDLC comprises all the steps involved, in tandem to build a software project from the ground up. The first and most vital step is Software Project Planning, which involves understanding the client’s requirements in a very clear way, to realize the scope of the project, which is followed by detailed analysis by the experts within the organization or the senior-most members of the team involved.

The detailed analysis takes into consideration the client’s requirements in the first place, the manpower of the company, the number of team members having the necessary skill sets to develop or build the individual elements of the project. The client can also be given the option to choose which platform or technology would be used to build the project, if the company can offer viable options to the client, depending upon the individual project.

A blueprint of the project is hence prepared, and it is then discussed with the client to make the necessary modifications, including the project estimates and delivery time, which depend on the company’s intrinsic factors like available manpower, pending projects, etc. Besides these, other vital points are also discussed, which include maintenance and support contract, and once the organization and the client see eye to eye, the consent is taken from the client in black and white, to mark the commencement of the project. The company can work with the project using different models that include the Waterfall model, V-shaped model or Incremental model, and it is decided on the scope of the project, and other intrinsic aspects of the organization. 

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