Local Search Engine Project for Bongkonect

Technology Used for the development

As per the requirements, Bongkonnect used the latest technology framework for its latest project including the use of React.js framework, Node.js runtime environment along MongoDB. Also, Bongkonnect introduced Machine Learning into the project for better and engaging user experience. They used Amazon Web Service for the Server services.

Lifeline Page of Bongconect
  • MongoDB enabled the system to use the document-oriented Database, which takes the utility of the final product one more step ahead.
  • Node.js enables Bongkonnect to run the search engine on a cross-platform environment and makes it possible to be used seamlessly on Android and iOS platforms. 
  • React.js brings one of the most trusted java utility libraries to the project.
  • The Machine Learning technique not only made this Search Engine future proof but also makes it more fun and easier to use, as the system will keep suggesting the related search parameters according to the user’s preferences and search pattern.
  • Amazon Web server has been used for hosting the project online, as we all know Amazon Web Service is very-very dependable Server Hosting Service, also AWS is known for their reasonable price. So, Bongkonnect did not take any risk about the Web Service and they also kept the budget tight while selecting AWS as their web hosting option.

A view from the User-end

  • The user will get engaging user experience and they will find the application good to go with all kinds of devices. The machine learning will provide better results automatically with passing time and more usages.

A view from the Marketing-end

  • As we can see all the latest web service development technology and cross-platform enability has been used in this project and also document oriented Database has been employed, along with the reliability of AWS, one can simply say the product is feature-rich and future proof, so good to go. Good for the Indian market as the developers are Bangalore-based.