Lead Generation Using Social Media & Email (Facebook & Instagram)

Technology Used for the development

This project is for the Gaston Electricals, GLP and MEIZU. As per the project development needs, the developers choose Facebook and Instagram to fetch data. As this project is on Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing, for official purposes usages and not for in general public usages.

  • Facebook is for sure the biggest Social Networking platform around the world, except some regions.
  • Instagram is considered as the third biggest Social media platforms of all, so choosing Instagram as a platform for data fetching and also for Social media marketing is a self-sufficing idea. 

A view from the User-end

  • The application needs to be very easy to comprehend, so that any special training is not needed in order to process the data, from the app. The data fetching must be logical so that the processing and the email & newsletter forwarding can be pinpointed.

A view from the Marketing-end The Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing is a very useful tool for the marketing departments of all kinds of goods and services around all the organizations. So, there is nothing more to ensure a thumbs-up when this application complements the marketing approach to the customers itself.