how to create a website

How to create an eCommerce website.

It is really very important to have your own website for your company. Because in today’s ear competition is very high. So To create an e-commerce website you will have to follow a few simple steps to create your first online store. You need to buy a domain and hosting service. A domain name is an online identity of your business for example. Click here to buy a domain name. After that, you will have to follow these simple steps do create a website.

Steps to create an eCommerce website.

Step 1: You will have to install WordPress on your hosting server. Open your WordPress dashboard by entering your username and password. Shown below.

Enter login id and password

When you logged into your WordPress dashboard you will find an appearance option.

Step 2: Click on the appearance option shown below.

Click on appearance

Step 3: After clicking on Appearance you will see one small dashboard on the right side on which you will find out themes option, click on that…

Click on themes

Step 4 : Click on add new button to install a new theme shown below…

Click on add new button

Step 5:  Search Astra in the search box or you can click here to download.

Write astra

Step 6: you will get Astra theme in the first result shown below. Click on the install button and activate the theme.

Activate it

Step 7:  You have successfully installed the Astra theme. Hober on appearance and click on Astra options.

Click on Astra Options

Step 8:  You will find the import option click on that to install the plugin.

import all important plugin.

Step 9:  Once you will install all your required plugin you will see a library option.

shown there. Click on that.

Click on Library

Setup an eCommerce website in simple steps.

Step 10:  You will see a lot of already made website. Just select any website you like for your business.

Select eCommerce showed in menu.

Step 11:  Select eCommerce option to import eCommerce website..

Click on eCommerce

Step 12:  Once you select any website click on the preview button to import that.

Click on preview…

Step 13:  Install all the required plugin and click on the import site button as shown below.

Install the required plugin.

Step 15:  Boom, you have just imported one eCommerce website for your online store but you need to update products on your website. Now you can customize and add products on your website. However, you only need an online payment method that you will have to integrate into your website.

Check live demo here

Step 16: Now you can list as many products you want on your website.

These were the steps to create an eCommerce website using woo-commerce plugin. Do share it with your friends. Because you should share knowledge with others. Contact us today if you want an eCommerce website for your business. Check here for a live demo. Above all, it will be very easy to add products to your website.