Hotel And Cab booking Hybrid Mobile Application

Technology Used for the development

As per the requirements of the time and the project, the developers used a suitable technology framework for this project including the use of React Native, Node.js runtime environment, MongoDB as their DBMS. Also, the developers have used the Google Map APIs for the point services and geolocation fetching.

  • MongoDB is one of the best document-oriented Database systems, so it is a good choice for seamless service.
  • Node.js runtime environment lets the application run on cross-platform devices, so no matter if you are using an iOS mobile or an Android mobile device or a Laptop.
  • React Native is a very good choice for the infrastructure development for the app, which brings one of the most trusted java utility libraries to the project.
  • The Google API is undoubtedly the most trusted API around the world, and when it comes to Geolocation fetching, then there is no better option than the Google Map API itself.
  • Heroku is not the best but a decent choice for hosting service. But while Heroku has a limitation over programming language support, the developers have to keep that in mind for future upgrades and updates. Though Heroku is quite affordable and a good choice for the new start-ups.

A view from the User-end

  • The user will not face any problem related to locating their location for services, and the other infrastructural technologies are quite up to the mark according to the present market and technology, so a big thumbs up.

A view from the Marketing-end From the marketing point of view, feature and the related story is the most important, while the service is ensured. AS this app is a Hybrid app for both Hotel and Cab booking, so it has a unique punch, and it can be used as a good marketing strategy.