Captcha filling and Earning Application with Wallet

Technology Used for the development

As per the needs, the developers choose the perfect technologies for the development, which are Flexbox CSS, jQuery, Slim & MySQL as the DBMS. For Android accessibility the developers also used Firebase & MySQL, while for the iOS compatibility they used Swift, Slim & SQLite. The AWS has been used as the web hosting service for all the platforms.

  • MySQL is off course one of the best choices for the DBMS for any new start-up as well for the recognized Developers.
  • Flexbox CSS is the prominent choice for this kind of app development, as Flexbox is good for Inline, intext applications and also good for Table based or two-dimensional table data handling. Flexbox is also supported by Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera and Safari.
  • jQuery is the optimum JavaScript library for all kind of HTML and WEB based development, so using such library in this kind of project suffice quietly.
  • AWS has been chosen as the hosting service, which makes it more reliable around the world, in terms of online user experience.

A view from the User-end

  • This app is being developed for a special purpose with a very specific type of users in mind, So, user satisfaction is the key, and supporting issue over all the platforms had to be optimal, where the app is still up to the mark. But as we can see this app development employs different Database technologies for different platforms, so optimization of the product must be top notched, else performance issues may be experienced.

A view from the Marketing-end The target users for this type of application are always looking for a better application for this purpose, which can maximize their income. The consumers of such application are not like staying with a single application for a long period they are more likely to experience new upcoming services of the same kind, so if the service is up to the mark, grabbing market may not be that difficult. As the developers are from Mumbai, India they should focus on Indian market as Indian market has a lots of potential users.