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We, BlinkLabs India offers you an online business registration a platform dedicated to helping people effectively begin and strengthen their business, at a reasonably priced with legal solutions company. We have an in-house team of experienced people and industry specialists with recent technical assistance to help you manage your business Registration at respective phases from anywhere in India. You must register your business as part of the compulsory legal acquiescence. Let’s understand why to do Business registers; first, understand the types of business structures.

Types of Business Registrations in India

  1. Sole Proprietorship (SP): These are business run by single person or a sole trader.
  2. Partnership: A partnership is a form of business where two or more people share ownership, as well as the responsibility of managing the firm.
  3. One Person Company (OPC): OPC is the most excellent way to start a company if there exists only one owner.
  4. Limited Liability Partnership (LLP):  LLP the responsibilities of partners are restricted to their approved contributions.
  5. Private Limited Company (PLC): It has owners and company officers. Each individual is regarded as an employee of the company.
  6. Public Limited Company (PLC): A PLC is a controlled association of members that is unified under company law.
  7. Section 8 Company: A company is referred to as Section 8 Company when it registered as a Non-Profit Organization (NPO)

You can register your business with us, and we will help you with the Corporation registration. Here, we will assist you to minimize the time-consuming registration process. Our team will assist you to get the registration in a hassle-free way. You can select our business registration agency, which is ideal for your business registration services. We are a transparent and reliable legal advisor having no hidden cost and provide 24*7 support for your business queries. So contact our advisors to cater your needs and let your business grow with us.

Our esteemed customers have given us a high rating for our advanced 24x7 support, and the world-class solutions that we offer. We test every single element of the Application before final delivery to make sure everything is working perfectly, and you do not face any troubles at all, while on the Launchpad.

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