Blinklabs provided an end-to-end QA service to Virginia Based Client

Background: Before Blinklabs was involved – the client had failed to stabilize their Centralized Electricity Billing System (CEBS) application and had to postpone go – live several times There were no good test practices followed and test documentation available

• What Blinklabs did

  • The Blinklabs QA team setup a QA and PMO and all the required QA processes.
  • Blinklabs documented all the test cases, made the test plans and are now running the test cases along with the business users for UAT
  • Blinklabs also re-aligned the development processes to support the UAT requirements and managed the bug-fix and release process.

• Immediate Impact

  • Within 3 weeks, 90% of the test cases passed successfully.
  • Business Users have gained confidence in their system and the system is now live after two months of parallel runs.